Tuesday, 14 June 2011

After literally...minutes of consideration...ama do a small mod review :3

This is toomanyitems

its something i have no matter what mods i have installed
it gives easy access to all items in minecraft (like invedit) except it works with other mods and gives access to mod contents at a click (saves all that hassle of crafting every item just to test it)
unless you play legit with no mods or enjoy installing mods and having to work to test them i would advise everyone who doesn't to get this mod

instillation is simple simply drag and drop into the minecraft.jar and you're all set and done :D(read minecraft forums if you dont know how to install mods)

Simpily open your inventory and to the right there should be the black box pictured above click any item and youll instantly have it shift click and you will have infinite of the item :] there is also a save inventory function that can be used say if you want quick access to toolsets building materials or minecart supplies :]

as above i would advise anyone with mods to get this



  1. That's a great mod, very useful for creating tall structures in MC. Followed! :D

  2. Do mods crash the client after the client is updated?

  3. wow that would really be epic!

  4. very very useful, i will use this next time I am on MC! good post!

  5. :D will continue to do these every maybe day or two :]
    and unless you use an outdated mod it should not crash!

  6. You should try our server sometime!

  7. Sweet looking mod for minecraft!

  8. I don't bother with mods. To troublesome when MC updates and they break.

  9. Awesome mod! im a minecraft freak. +followed!