Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Mo creatures and more creeps and weirdos

Im sure these have been reviewed a million times before but i am going on the assumption that no one reading this has modded much...if you have sorry!

Right! first off a small comparison more creeps is more of a fantasy mob addition adding things such as hunchbacks that summon skeletons when you feed them cake,robot's and many more
And mo'creatures adds more
real mobs such as sharks bears fox's etc but also has quite a few good fantasy mobs :D

Both of these mods together can be a bit overwhelming unless you fiddle with the spawn amounts of the creatures although having a shit-ton  of new mobs is fun for a few minutes it quickly gets boring so i would advise turning the spawn rate down quite a bit

Both these mods add A LOT to the game so is very good for people growing bored of the vanilla minecraft plenty of new things to do but doesnt stop you from playing the game :D

For more information go to the links below




  1. I love these mods so much :D Its strangely satisfying to have pet fighter guinea pigs

  2. Doesn't really look like my cup of tea, but it certainly seems interesting :D

  3. Minecraft! seems like fun mods

  4. Hey ive played minecraft its fun "). Nice post !

  5. minecraft has soo many mods already, it keeps fun to play though!

  6. It astounds me how we have mods with so many additional creatures and notch acts like it is an accomplishment when he implements one.